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Rice weevil


The rice weevil (Sitophilus oryzae) is a beetle found mainly in the tropics. Rice elephants are small (approximately 2-3 mm) and are most commonly found on rice. They are also found in other stored grain products such as corn, millet, wheat, sorghum, oats and barley. Rice weevils, either larvae or adults, do not harm humans as they do not spread disease/infection or bite humans.

This article provides more information on the occurrence of rice weevils and how consumers should store raw rice to prevent rice weevils. Why are rice elephants found in rice?Rice elephants can be found on crops grown in fields before they are harvested and taken to food processing plants. These weevils are only seen in food after a while, and often find their way into homes when consumers purchase these products. The presence of weevils can be identified by signs such as round holes in the rice grains and increased humidity causing the grain to feel soggy.

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What should I do if I find weevils in rice?

Consumers can remove rice weeds by washing their rice. Afterwards they can continue to eat rice. Although rice weevil-infected foods may appear unattractive to consumers, food regulators generally agree that they are natural and unavoidable substances that pose no health risk to consumers and do not cause disease or negative side effects if ingested. .

How can we reduce the occurrence of rice weevils?

The industry must ensure that the rice it imports and sells is safe to eat. Importers must ensure that rice is stored in suitable conditions with low humidity or dry, well-ventilated, and checked regularly for bugs.

Consumers should also follow these tips to ensure raw rice is stored properly:

Store rice in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.If your consumption is low, buy rice in small quantities (for example, if a family of 2 cooks less rice, they may buy 1kg packs instead of 5 or 10kg packs).Only open rice packets when necessary and do not open multiple packets at once. Use up an opened bag of rice within a month.After filling the box with all the rice, wash and dry the box before filling it with a new bag of rice.Check your warehouse regularly to make sure it is free of termites. If there are weevils, get rid of them quickly and aim to consume goods quickly.


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