Rice prices today October 15 and summary of last week in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam: Rice prices fluctuated in opposite directions, rice increased

Rice prices today, October 15, in the domestic market did not fluctuate. Market transactions are slow, traders rarely buy due to the weekend session.

Rice prices today, October 15, in the domestic market did not fluctuate. Market transactions are slow, traders rarely buy due to the weekend session.
Rice price today, October 12: Price increased, traders and businesses asked to buy a lot Rice price today, October 13: Traders stopped buying because rice price was high Rice price today, October 14: Extended price increase
Rice prices today, October 15, in the Mekong Delta region continue to trend sideways.

In the An Giang area, according to updates from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of An Giang province, IR 504 rice fluctuates around 7,900 – 8,100 VND/kg; OM 5451 rice ranges from 7,800 – 8,000 VND/kg; OM 18 rice is at 7,900 – 8,100 VND/kg; Nang Hoa 9 costs 8,200 – 8,300 VND/kg; Fresh fragrant 8 leaves 7,800 – 8,100 VND/kg; Nhen (dried) 15,000 VND/kg; Japanese rice is stable at 7,800 – 8,000 VND/kg.

For sticky rice products, Long An sticky rice (dried) is at 9,200 – 9,400 VND/kg; An Giang sticky rice (dried) is at 9,000 – 9,200 VND/kg.

For rice products, prices of raw rice and finished products stagnated and moved sideways after an upward adjustment session.

Accordingly, the price of IR 504 raw rice fluctuates around 12,450 – 12,550 VND/kg; IR 504 finished rice fluctuates around 14,450 – 14,550 VND/kg.

Regarding by-products, today’s by-product prices have not changed compared to yesterday. Currently, the price of IR 504 panels remains at 12,300 – 12,400 VND/kg; Dry bran price is at 7,050 – 7,200 VND/kg.

Giá lúa gạo hôm nay ngày 15/10 và tổng kết tuần qua: Giá lúa biến động trái chiều, gạo tăng

Recorded in the Mekong Delta region today, market transactions are slow, traders rarely buy due to the weekend. Traders and customers had difficulty buying rice, so few transactions were closed. Many traders stopped buying and observed the market.

In the rice market, raw rice of all kinds continues to arrive in small quantities and with better quality. IR 504, OM 5451 rice prices are firmly at a high level. The need for traders to buy again and again.

In the past week, rice prices fluctuated in opposite directions when adjusted up for sticky rice, rice IR 504, OM 5451, but decreased for rice Dai Thom 8, OM 18. The reason why the price of rice IR 504 and OM 5451 increased was due to Supply has decreased while demand for these types of rice remains high.

For rice products, the price of raw rice and finished products increased sharply last week with an increase of 200 – 350 VND/kg.

At retail markets, the price of Nhen rice fluctuated around 26,000 VND/kg; Jasmine rice is stable at 16,000 – 18,500 VND/kg; Regular rice is usually priced at 12,000 – 14,000 VND/kg; Common white rice 16,000 VND/kg; long-grain fragrant rice 18,000 – 20,000 VND/kg; Huong Lai rice 19,500 VND/kg; Nang Hoa rice 19,000 VND/kg; Squirrel rice usually costs 16,000 – 17,000 VND/kg; Thai squirrel rice 18,500 VND/kg; Taiwanese fragrant rice 21,000 VND/kg; Japanese rice 22,000 VND/kg.

Trên thị trường xuất khẩu, giá gạo xuất khẩu của Việt Nam hôm nay không biến động. Theo Hiệp hội Lương thực Việt Nam (VFA), hiện giá gạo xuất khẩu 5% tấm ở mức 623 USD/tấn; giá gạo loại 25% tấm dao động ổn định quanh mức 608 USD/tấn.

Trong tuần qua, giá gạo xuất khẩu đã tăng 10 USD/tấn. Hiện nhiều doanh nghiệp vẫn đang trả nợ hợp đồng cũ. Dự báo trong thời gian tới, giá gạo xuất khẩu sẽ tiếp tục tăng. Tuy nhiên khó lấy lại mức giá như hồi tháng 8, mà chỉ dao động quanh mức 630 -650 USD/tấn.

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