Rice price today September 17 and summary of last week: Mixed fluctuations between commodities

Rice prices today, September 17, in the domestic market remained stable compared to the previous day. Over the past week, the rice market has continuously fluctuated strongly.

Rice prices today, September 17, in the Mekong Delta fluctuated between rice and rice products.

Specifically, at An Giang warehouse, according to updates from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of An Giang province, rice prices remained stable during the weekend trading session.

Accordingly, OM 18 rice is priced at 8,000 – 8,200 VND/kg, OM 5451 rice is priced at 7,700 – 8,100 VND/kg; Astragalus 8 is stable at 8,000 – 8,200 VND/kg; Miss Hoa 9 costs 8,000 – 8,400 VND/kg; IR 50404 rice is stable at 7,800 – 8,000 VND/kg; Japanese rice 7,800 – 8,000 VND/kg.

With sticky rice, dry An Giang sticky rice is at 9,200 – 9,400 VND/kg; Dry Long An sticky rice ranges from 9,300 – 9,450 VND/kg.

With rice products, today there is no change compared to yesterday. Accordingly, IR 504 raw rice fluctuates around 11,700 – 11,900; IR 504 finished rice remained stable at IR 504 at 13,750 – 13,800 VND/kg.

Giá lúa gạo hôm nay ngày 17/9 và tổng kết tuần qua: Biến động trái chiều giữa các mặt hàng

Similarly, by-product prices today also continue to trend sideways. Accordingly, the price of IR 504 panels fluctuates around the 11,800 – 11,850 mark; The price of dry bran remains stable at 7,100 – 7,200 VND/kg.

Recorded in the Mekong Delta region such as An Giang, Kien Giang, Dong Thap…. rice trading is quiet today. Accordingly, the demand for buying Fall-Winter hybrid rice is increasing, but new transactions are not many. The reason is because the rice is close to the cutting date, farmers wait for higher prices. Summer-Autumn rice sources are exhausted.

In Tien Giang and Dong Thap, rice of all kinds is low and the quality has decreased. The purchasing needs of warehouses are all about choosing beautiful rice. Prices of rice types such as OM 5451, OM 380, IR 504 are relatively stable.

Over the past week, domestic rice prices continuously fluctuated in opposite directions when adjusted downward at the beginning of the week. During the last 2 sessions of the week, rice prices tended to increase again.

Statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development show that there are currently 400,000 hectares of Autumn-Winter rice ready for harvest. The upcoming 2023-2024 Winter-Spring crop will start sowing from early October to early January 2024, divided into 4 batches with a total area of ​​nearly 1.5 million hectares, with an expected yield of more than 7.2 tons per hectare. , total output is over 10.6 million tons.

At retail markets, rice prices do not fluctuate. Specifically at 15,500-17,000 VND/kg; sticky rice is currently at 16,000-21,000 VND/kg; Regular rice is usually priced at 13,000-15,000 VND/kg; Common white rice fluctuates around 16,000 VND/kg; Nang Nhen rice costs 23,000 VND/kg; long-grain fragrant rice ranges from 18,000 – 20,000 VND/kg; Huong Lai 19,500 VND/kg; Nang Hoa 19,000 VND/kg; Soc rice usually costs 16,500 – 17,000 VND/kg; Soc Thai rice 18,500 VND/kg; Taiwanese fragrant rice 21,000 VND/kg; Japanese rice 22,000 VND/kg…

On the export market, today’s export rice price remains stable. According to the Vietnam Food Association (VFA), the export price of 5% broken rice is currently at 613-617 USD/ton and 25% broken rice fluctuates around 598-602 USD/ton.

In the past week, export rice prices fluctuated sharply when adjusted to a sharp decrease of 15 USD/ton. Explaining the cause of this decline, many businesses said that the market was interrupted for a short time to match prices. In fact, even though they need goods, when the price is pushed too high, importers do not easily accept it. The general trend is that rice prices in the coming time will remain high when many countries have crop failures, and India’s rice export ban is expected to last until 2024.

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