Rice price today on August 5, 2023: The price of export rice reached a record of 618 USD/ton

Rice price today on August 5, 2023 in the domestic market continues to increase by 100-800 VND/kg. Export price of rice increased sharply by 20 USD/ton.
City Department of Industry and Trade. Ho Chi Minh: Rice prices did not fluctuate strongly; always ensure supply Rice price today August 4, 2023: Summer-autumn rice continues to fluctuate strongly. Export rice price is likely to surpass USD 600/ton
Rice price today on August 5, 2023 in the Mekong Delta region increased by 100-200 VND/kg with many varieties of rice. Accordingly, at An Giang warehouse today, the price of OM 5451 rice increased by 100 VND/kg to 7,000 – 7,300 VND/kg; Hoa 9 increased by 400 VND/kg to 7,200-7,600 VND/kg.

For the rest of the categories, prices are flat. Specifically, the price of IR 504 rice is at 6,800 – 7,000 VND/kg; Dai Thong 8 rice at 6,900 – 7,100 VND/kg; Japanese rice is also stable at 7,800 – 8,000 VND/kg; Nang Nhen rice (dry) at 13,000 VND/kg; OM 18 at 6,900 – 7,100 VND/kg;

With sticky rice, the price of fresh An Giang sticky rice is at 6,300 – 6,600 VND/kg; Long An sticky rice (fresh) at 6,500 – 6,900 VND/kg; AG (dry) sticky rice at 7,700 – 7,900 VND/kg; Long An sticky rice (dry) costs 7,700 – 7,900 VND/kg.

With rice, the price of raw materials and finished products also increased. Accordingly, IR 504 raw rice is at 12,000 VND/kg, an increase of 600 VND/kg. Finished rice at 14,100 VND/kg, a sharp increase of 800 VND/kg.

Giá lúa gạo hôm nay ngày 5/8/2023: Giá gạo xuất khẩu đạt mức kỷ lục 618 USD/tấn

For by-products, the price of by-products increased sharply with IR 504 plate. Accordingly, sheet price was at 11,700 VND/kg, up 1,100 VND/kg; dry bran at 7,700 VND/kg, up 50 VND/kg.

According to traders, today the rice source is small. Rice prices of all kinds tend to increase. Rice prices rose to an 11-year high on food security concerns after India banned rice exports. Summer-autumn rice market continues to fluctuate strongly. Rice prices of all kinds tend to increase.

In the rice export market, Vietnam’s export rice price continued to increase sharply by 20 USD/ton. Specifically, 5% broken rice traded at 618 USD/ton, up 20 USD/ton; 25% broken rice at 598 USD/ton, up 20 USD/ton.

In the context of a sharp increase in rice prices, people in the Mekong Delta are promoting the summer-autumn crop and sowing the autumn-winter crop.

According to a report dated August 2 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), it is expected that this year the whole country will plant 7.1 million hectares, with an average yield of 6.07 tons/ha, with an output of over 43 ,1 million tons, an increase of 452,000 tons compared to 2022.

Currently, localities are speeding up the progress of sowing and autumn-winter crops and harvesting summer-autumn crops. The autumn-winter crop area increased by 50,000 ha to 700,000 ha. Localities also harvested nearly 3.7 million hectares, a decrease of 0.8 hectares compared to the same period in 2022. The average yield reached 65.7 quintals/ha, an increase of 0.8 quintal/ha, so the rice yield was harvested. 7-month plan reached over 24.1 million tons, up 0.4%.


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