Rice prices today 12/6 in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam: Enterprises step up rice purchase to suspend delivery progress

Rice prices today 12/6 in the Mekong Delta have no change. Currently, businesses are stepping up to buy rice from farmers to keep up with the delivery schedule.

Rice prices today 12/6 in the Mekong Delta region continue to trend sideways. Accordingly, AG (dry) sticky rice is priced in the range of 8,000 – 8,400 VND/kg, Long An (dried) sticky rice is priced in the range of 8,400 – 8,800 VND/kg; OM 18 is purchased by traders at the price of 6,800 VND/kg; Rice OM 5451 price 6,300 – 6,500/kg. IR 50404 rice price ranges from 6,200 to 6,400 VND/kg. Nang Hoa 9 rice is purchased by traders with prices ranging from 6,600 to 6,800 VND/kg. The price of Taiwanese fragrant 8 rice ranges from 6,800 to 7,000 VND/kg. The price of Japanese rice ranges from 7,800 to 8,000 VND/kg. Nang Nhen rice (dry) is priced at 13,000 VND/kg; AG sticky rice (fresh) costs 6,200 VND/kg

With rice, the price of raw materials and finished products remained stable. Accordingly, the price of raw rice fluctuates around the mark of 9,500 – 97.00 VND/kg; finished rice at 10,850 – 10,950 VND/kg. For by-products, broken price remained stable while the price of dried bran adjusted to increase by 50 VND/kg. Accordingly, sheet price remained stable at 9,400-9,500 VND/kg; dry bran 7,400-7,600 VND/kg, an increase of 50 VND/kg.

At the retail market, the price of rice remained stable, ordinary rice remained 11,500 – 12,500 VND/kg; Jasmine fragrant rice 15,000 – 16,000 VND/kg; Soc rice is usually 15,000 VND/kg; Sticky rice 16,000 – 18,000 VND/kg; Common white rice 14,500 VND/kg; Miss Hoa 18,500 VND/kg; Soc Thai 18,000 VND/kg; Taiwanese fragrant rice 20,000 VND/kg; Japanese rice 22,000 VND/kg; Bran 7,600 – 8,000 VND/kg; Long grain Thai fragrant rice maintains 18,000 – 19,000 VND/kg and Huong Lai 19,000 VND/kg.

Giá lúa gạo hôm nay 12/6: Doanh nghiệp đẩy mạnh thu mua gạo để kịp tiến độ giao hàng

According to traders, the source of raw rice today is less. Traders said they are stepping up to buy rice from farmers to complete export contracts this year.

In the export market, the export price of Vietnam’s 5% broken rice is being offered at $498/ton. Meanwhile, the price of 25% broken rice is at $478/ton; Jasmine rice 578 USD/ton.

Vietnam’s export rice prices continuously increased and stayed at a high level in the past week. Meanwhile, the export price of rice from Thailand and Pakistan continuously decreased. On June 8, the export price of Thai 5% broken rice decreased by 2 USD/ton to 492 USD/ton, 6 USD/ton lower than Vietnamese rice; Pakistan’s 5% broken rice decreased by 10 USD/ton to 493 USD/ton, 5 USD/ton lower than Vietnamese rice.

Similarly, the price of 25% broken rice in Vietnam also remains at the highest level in the world when it is 10 – 50 USD/ton higher than the same type of rice of Thailand, India and Pakistan.

Rice exports grow well in traditional markets. For example: the Philippines increased by 44.8%, equivalent to 221,800 tons; China increased 118.8%, or 162,900 tons.

In potential export markets also increased well, such as: Chile increased 25 times, equivalent to 4,600 tons; Singapore increased by nearly 30%, or 6,400 tons.

In particular, the value of rice exports to the EU recorded very good growth in many markets thanks to the export of fragrant rice products.

This shows that the quality of Vietnam’s rice is increasing, meeting the requirements of even fastidious markets, and at the same time shows the potential to expand the market and increase the market share of high-quality rice of Vietnam. Male.

According to businesses, demand remains flat and supply is expected to be replenished next month during the harvest. Another trader said demand from African countries was quiet as prices in Thailand were higher than in India, while concerns about drought and exports to Indonesia were driving prices higher. than.

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